About Bernardi

2006 established in Switzerland, www.larabernardi.com
2019 online shops established in Liechtenstein, www.bernardi.li and www.bernardi.shop

Bernardi was established in 2006. The clothes are designed by Lara Bernardi & Alexandra Meier with a lot of love and joy. We use pure fabrics like bamboo and cotton.

“It has to make joy and feel light. People shall be happy, feel light when they're wearing our clothes. They shall feel so good that they are in their power. Be you. Be happy. Have joy. Take it easy”, Lara
Our energy products provide you with Good Vibes Only and a lot of love. We unite the knowledge and power to offer you collections which spend you a lot of lightness, love and Good Vibes Only.

The biggest gift which you can give back to everybody is to be you. Whenever you express yourself, you are who you are, you  are in your power. That's love. All our products provide your home and you with love, a nice feeling and power. They support you to be you. 

Yoga/Lifestyle Clothes Collection created with Love
Our Yoga/Lifestyle collection is made of bamboo. 

Have a look as well at our German online store where you find all German books and meditation-cds. Visit www.bernardi.li.

We make the Change in the World everyday
We are thankful for what we have and what we get and we love to share. Part of our profit goes to Help 4 Bali Street Doogs.